About Paivand

Paivand Company is a specialized subsidiary of the System Group and a member of the “Radio Positioning and Identification Companies Syndicate.”
Relying on the expertise and experience of its skilled groups, Paivand Co. is active in the field of new technologies, especially RFID and biometrics, and is the only Iranian company offering Bluetooth-based remote time-attendance systems.
Paivand Co. provides the market with a distinguished, unique product in order to facilitate and increase the accuracy of management and control over organizational attendance processes.


Areas of expertise at a glance

The most important services offered by our company are as follow:

  • Research and development in the field of new technologies and software applications
  • RFID based smart systems, such as access control and time attendance solutions
  • Implementation of management warehouse solutions based on RFID technology and barcode
  • Provide specific solutions in the field of IOT technology
  • Providing consulting services and comprehensive solutions to our clients and partners



  • Automated Warehouse Management

    Tracking goods throughout the supply chain is one of the main concerns of business enterprises. Organizations seek to track goods information with a unique number after purchasing materials and entering them into the factory, manufacturing goods along the production line, delivering them to the warehouse, and eventually taking them out of warehouses and selling them.
    This solution is very common in reputable domestic and foreign automated warehouses. It is offered to customers by companies providing the most integrated solutions. Therefore, both the accuracy and speed of processes will increase, and manpower is reduced in warehouses.

    Equipment used in warehouses

    • Handhelds
    • Bar-code scanners
    • Printers
    • Tags
    • RFID readers
    • RFID antennas
    • Industrial computers
  • Attendance Management System

    System Group organizational attendance management and control management system uses RFID technology and biometrics to identify individuals in order to provide careful monitoring of human resources (HR) and increase employee productivity. By using workflow tools and process management, this system reduces costs and increases the speed and accuracy of HR operations.
    The traffic management system can be implemented independently or along with HR management system applications and personnel and service compensation systems. Functional information of overtime, work deficit, leaves and missions can be automatically provided for systems such as service compensation.
    To integrate this system with HR management systems by registering the basic information of the personnel and their personnel actions in the system, required reports can be viewed in the traffic management system without needing to reenter personnel information.

    • System Group traffic management module provides useful capabilities for HR experts to cover various HR and operation rules.
    • Leave and mission modules: It is feasible to define various leave types and calculate remaining leaves accurately by formulating and defining various mission types and calculating mission commissions in this system.
    • Employee electronic services: System Group staff portal provides employees of the organization with leave and mission statement registration and the attendance reports on the web.
    • Business process management tools: By removing paperwork and assigning cartable to administrators, workflow engine is able to mechanize the HR unit process.

    Equipment used in the traffic management system

    • Security and traffic control equipment and referral and attendance management system
    • Card readers
    • Intelligent traffic and access controllers
    • Attendance gates
    • Accessories
  • Food Ordering System

    Software and the Restaurant Environment Snapshots

    Employee catering and providing accurate reports of the number of ordered and delivered portions are among important and costly issues in organizations along with the status of empty halls and financial reports.
    System Group Food Order and Delivery System uses web technology, RFID, and biometrics for automated management of the whole process of food ordering and delivery in a new way. System Group Food Order and Delivery System can operate as a mobile system with System Group HR management approach. It can also be set up independently. If this system is installed along with the HR management system, personnel information is entered once without the need to be redefined in the Food Order and Delivery system.



Piofy Time-Attendance System



Features of Piofy

User Verification via Bluetooth

  • Reading Range more than 15 meters
  • Useful for parking management
  • Ease of commuting for managers
  • Reducing staff congestion specially when shift is changed

Ultra Performance

  • Powered by 1.4 GHz Quad Core
  • 5 inch Touch Screen LCD
  • High Speed User Matching: less than 1.2 sec
  • Massive Memory Capacity: about 2.000.000 events

Enhanced Security

  • Live Finger Detection
  • High Data Security
  • User Image Registration

Various RFID Card Support

  • Mifare 13.56 MHz
  • EM 125KHz
  • NFC

Several User Verification modes

  • Bluetooth
  • Card
  • Fingerprint
  • Code

Internal UPS

  • 2200 mAh Battery
  • About 2 hours backup

Specification of Piofy


Biometric Fingerprint
Live Finger Detection Supported
Rotation Finger Detection Supported
Adaptive Finger Detection Supported
Multi Finger Pattern Supported
Card-Reader Supported
Capture Speed 0.29 sec
Verification Speed Less than 1.2 sec
Sensor Type Optical
Sensing Area 13.2 x 15.2 mm
Image Resolution 500 DPI
Image Size 248 x 292 pixels
Max. User 100,000
Max. Card Registration 100,000
Max. Finger Template 10,000
Max. Text Log 2,000,000
Max. Image Log 10,000
Wifi 802.11 n
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
TCP/IP 10/100 MBPS Ethernet
Input 1 Input
Relay 1 Relay
USB Host Mouse & keyboard Supported(
CPU 1.4GHz Quad Core
Memory 1GB RAM + 16GB Flash
LCD 5.0″ LCD Touch
LED Indicator Multi-Color
Sound 18bit/Voice DSP
Operating Temp -20° to 50°C
Humidity 20% to 80%
Power 12VDC
Internal UPS Up to 2 hours
Dimensions 170 x 215 x 50 (WxHxD mm)


Contact Us

Address: #24 15/1 St., Ebne Sina St, Yosef Abad, Tehran, Iran. Postal Code : 1433783194
Tel: +98-21-8338-2005